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Our DBT program is an adherent program providing intensive treatment to individuals and their families, with personalized attention, small groups, and out-of-session coaching. ADHERENT DBT is the therapy proven to reduce hospitalizations, the need for higher level of care, and reduce suicidality and depression. We are the only adherent program in Bergen County one of the few adherent programs in New Jersey.


Two of the most effective treatments of those with a history of trauma are Prolonged-Exposure and EMDR. Our practice offers both. The aim of these therapies is to reduce symptoms of PTSD including nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, and to reduce the impact of the trauma(s) on your current life by training your brain to work differently, and process old memories so that they can be in the past.


In CBT, the client and the therapist build a model of the client’s emotions, thoughts, triggering events and interpersonal difficulties. Treatment focuses on changing thoughts and behaviors that keep the client stuck and to accept things that can not be changed. These thoughts and behavior can be changed by developing new thoughts and coping skills and through therapeutic exposure to the things that are causing strong emotions.

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*** Telehealth Information ***

Due to Covid-19, we are committed to social distancing and have taken the practice to Telehealth only.   We are licensed in both New Jersey and New York State and can provide group and individual therapy via Telehealth in both states.

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