• Laura Richardson, Ph.D.

Happy Birthday To US - Turn the Mind is 10 years old!

Ten years ago, I was working at a public inpatient hospital, implementing DBT.  What a difference these 10 years have made because in 2010 I started Turn the Mind.  I am so proud that the vision I started with, implementing adherent DBT for teens and adults at the highest level of professionalism,  has grown into this group practice.  We have not only been implementing adherent DBT for a decade, but I am one of the first clinicians in the area who is Linehan Board of Certification (DBT-LBC™) certified.  We have trained 8 clinicians in adherent DBT and created a warm and supportive environment for both clients and staff to work within. Our specialization in trauma therapy developed over these years as trauma is the underlying cause of emotional dysregulation for many clients.  I became EMDRIA certified in EMDR and developed expertise in DBT-PE (DBT Prolonged Exposure), which are both gold-standard treatments for trauma.  Last year, Melissa joined our practice and she has EMDR certification (in addition to DBT training) and we are so grateful to have her.  Last year was another milestone for us -- we hired our first post-doctoral fellow -  Dr. Miriam. She is DBT trained and is offering a lower-cost option for our clients as well as earning her hours for her psychology license.  Our bitter-sweet note of last year was that our awesome Claire relocated to sunny California -- she is greatly missed!!  I want to thank our clients, staff, previous staff, and colleagues for helping us grow and thrive and stay consistent with our vision.  Our previous employee, Dr. Yeraz Markarian, Ph.D., has opened her NJ practice within our offices.  She is DBT trained (with Alec Miller) and DBT-PE trained (trauma specialty).

I want to thank all of our clients (current and past) staff (current and past) for being part of this journey.  I appreciate your help, participation, enthusiasm, insight, grit and hard work in creating this practice and continuing to allow us to provide the best treatment for clients and a positive learning environment for all.  - Laura

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