Evaluations for Gender Affirming Medical Care

Evals for Gender Affirming Surgery, Hormones and 

medical care.

Turn the Mind is pleased to have Dr. Appleton providing evaluations for gender-affirming surgery.  

If you or your child is seeking gender affirmative care, such as hormone blockers, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medical physicians will often require an evaluation or referral from a mental health provider. Ashley Appleton, Psy.D, LPC, NCC is trained in the WPATH standards of care and has extensive experience in working with trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary and gender creative communities. She will be able to meet with you or your child in order to make the referral letter required. 

Although the process is considered an “evaluation”, it is important to note that these sessions are not meant to decide whether you or child is “trans” enough or to question “how sure” someone is of their identity. Rather, the evaluation is to identify whether someone is an adequate candidate based on plans for aftercare, support system in place, current mental health status, how educated one is on the risks/benefits of said procedure and if overall basic needs are currently being met. Ongoing mental health therapy is not required post the evaluation session, however, it should be noted that sometimes in order to gather all information needed for the letter, individuals will need to meet for more than one session.

In relation to payment, the letter itself is free of charge. However, the rate for the evaluation session(s) is the standard session rate of the practice. We understand that accessibility to adequate healthcare is crucial, especially for our minority communities. If you are under financial strain and struggling to afford the required evaluation/referrals the following options may help. Many insurance companies will cover gender affirming healthcare and we electronically submit to your insurance company for our services so that you can submit to insurance for reimbursement. If this is not an option for you the following resource “The Gender Affirming Letter Access Project” is dedicated to providing free gender affirmative care. See their list of providers through this link.