A true adherent program

The highest level of training in DBT is certification. There is one certified DBT clinician within 25 miles -- Laura Richardson, Ph.D. who is the clinical director of the practice. To confirm certification for any practice look at the Linehan Board of Certification Site. 

Coming to a practice with an adherent program is important for you because you want effective treatment, not partial treatment, unskilled treatment, or watered-down treatment. It takes years of training to become a DBT Therapist, and a long time to develop an adherent program - and this is exactly what we offer.

An adherent program includes:

  1.  Clinician training -- Intensively trained clinicians. This is a minimum 40 hour set of training.

  2. Weekly skills group - Groups last 1.5 to 2 hours.

  3. Individual therapy with an intensively trained therapist who is part of the team at least 1x per week.

  4. Consultation team - Delivered through a team of therapists that meet weekly.

  5. Skills Coaching - Offers skills coaching via phone/text.

A therapist is NOT doing DBT if:

  1. They have read a book or took a weekend workshop.
  2. Do not offer skills groups.
  3. They are practicing without a team.

  4. They do not provide skills coaching.

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