A true adherent program

The highest level of training in DBT is certification. There is one certified DBT clinician within 25 miles -- Laura Richardson, Ph.D. who is the clinical director of the practice. To confirm certification for any practice look at the Linehan Board of Certification Site. 


Attending therapy in an adherent program is critical for effective treatment, not partial treatment, unskilled treatment, or watered-down treatment. It takes years of training to become a DBT Therapist, and a long time to develop an adherent program - and this is exactly what we offer.


An adherent program includes:

  1.  Clinician training -- Intensively trained clinicians. This is a minimum of 40 hours of training.

  2. Weekly skills group - Groups last 1.5 to 2 hours.

  3. Individual therapy with an intensively trained therapist who is part of the team at least 1x per week.

  4. Consultation team - Delivered through a team of therapists that meet weekly.

  5. Skills Coaching - Offers skills coaching via phone/text.

A therapist is NOT doing DBT if:

  1. They have read a book or took a weekend workshop.
  2. Do not offer skills groups.
  3. They are practicing without a team.

  4. They do not provide skills coaching.

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